Reef Tank

Scared from a dream

swimming in a large reef tank

the deadly’s were all there

happily swimming along

keeping me company.

I was told to ignore the dangerous ones,

until one turned and attacked

and everyone that was with me

abandoned the water and mentioned

“That looks like it hurts.”

My defensive wounds,

I slept on my hand all wrong

and it fell asleep.

That would account

for the numb tingling that woke me.

Awake now, afraid to return to sleep

the reef and all its magical wonders

can stay behind the inch thick glass.

I’m fine snorkeling in front of my bed,

it’s still easy to watch their interactions

and for some, who really knows

they don’t want our half naked bodies

floating around their sub-tropical world.

Bad dreams jade the whole process

of looking forward to sleep.

Instead, I reached for my phone

to tell all of you about my flaw,

being seriously afraid of the dark,

childish I know, but it’s real to me.

Fearful of a little darkness,

it’s rooted in the fact of being alone

in this lavish hotel room.

I’ll be up for the next 5 hours

with an eye on the tank,

until I change the accommodations and

move to a room that doesn’t have

an exotic reef tank

so close to the bed.


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