Tomorrow I’m coming back,

because even I know,

being gone this long

has forced the sky speak up.

Words come from our single source,

when I finally looked up

I saw her waiting there for me.

And I swear she swore,

she hasn’t been able to sleep

for years now, and even I knew

her tired condition was my fault.

The second we touched,

it recharge that playlist of hers

causing sparks to discharge

from words in songs.

Our initial agreement worked,

up until it didn’t because

we couldn’t stand

being gone for so long.

She was supposed to get some rest

simply close her eyes

like she used to when we slept together.

Today, the need has grown in her

and whenever the skies begin to turn

she opens up about

being tired of waiting for me.

She wants that downpour

to help put her to sleep.

She’s tried for years now,

to ignore both needs and wants

the price has been too high to pay

in order to break all her promises

so she’s kept quiet, until now.

Eyes can never be filled enough

to simply move on,

and even I don’t mind admitting

it’s been my fault

needing her in all my words.

Time has been the key to all of this,

her words touch me in a certain way

that not even those around me

can understand why I’d need her.

Clearly, she stares just long enough

making sure I’m coming back

with my same feverish lust for her.

When we mix and entwine together

her eyes can finally close

long enough to actually dream

it’s all she’s ever truly wanted,

while waiting for me.

6 responses to “Waiting”

  1. Time never fades when
    love is forever an ember
    that glows steady within
    her heart, time immortal.
    She stands, wrists bound
    in softest purple ribbon.
    Gently placed by His hand,
    firm yet tender is his meter.
    Between her hands she holds
    but a single pure white lily.
    It’s petals slender, velvet
    to the touch, its fragrance
    intoxicating ones senses.
    she bows her head gracefully,
    offering it to her beloved.
    Silently she awaits His



  2. Doubt the stars are fire
    Doubt the sun doth move
    Doubt truth to be a liar
    Never doubt thy love

    Time can sit passively by
    it can be our stranger.
    The connection, however formed,
    can sit there for a lifetime.
    There are seven ways to get inside
    Anonymous, and we both know
    exactly who you are
    has 6 more companion locks to undo.
    Hurry before time fades once more…


  3. So long has she been sleeping,
    within her dreamless night
    forgotten were the scenes of
    beauty. Now having been awoken,
    by the fullness of the moon, she bows
    on bended knees whispering her
    response with pretty words. Only her beloved will understand.

    thank you for the awakening, Sir


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