Wake Me Up

There are neon lights

reflecting on the ground,

it’s night and the rain is pounding.

She puts herself in front of me,

demanding my attention

between both my arms

looking up smiling, with that smile

and we know where we belong.

She’s the first to whisper

those treacherous set of words,

I can see it on her face

she wants me to love her.

That bright expectation, came yesterday,

she’s squeezes herself even closer

hands under all the layers

her cold little fingers kiss my skin.

I can’t help but pick her up

a foot off the ground and think

if I were to I love her,

I’m afraid all of these





moments would run away.

I could only wish

I’d be allowed to hold her

exactly here, a foot off the ground,

until forever.

It has been a week since I’ve slept,

buried beneath this nervous feeling

I need her hands kissing

assuring she’s not leaving.

So I’ve been stuck here

bloodletting words,

holding onto my infected veins

this feeling of love, obviously,

I love her.

There is no way

I’m saying those pretty ugly words

to the girl that means the world to me.

Maybe if I just kept her here

dangling in my arms, a foot off the ground

she would forget to whisper

those three offensive words.

I swear, I’m not putting her down

on her feet ever again because

I love her,

and it’s not fair

imagining a life without her.

She’s perfectly comfortable

dangling her feet

over the edge of the curb.

She said she can feel me inside

she’s already fallen backwards,

she hasn’t slept in weeks.

Until she said, she loved me,

those three little words

released the spell on her.

She’s comfortable in her skin again,

last night she slept for the first real time.

I promised her

I wouldn’t let her down,

it’s been weeks since I’ve slept too,

“Listen to me,”

I love you.

Putting her back on the ground,

please understand there’s no more

heartbreak left inside my soul.

If you’re going to run, then run,

if you’re going to fall, then fall,

and if you’re going to love, then love

with all your being.

There are neon lights

pounding in the pouring rain,

and I pick the girl up

and softly spin because

I love her.

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