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The Joy of My Life

That second his eyes laid in mine,

we instantly fell in love.

My number one.

All well intentions inside

come and overflow each time

we lay eyes on each other.

The years are growing strong

the everlasting bond still carries us

we love in equal measure.

This son of mine, my number one

might not read these words tonight,

but the day will come

when you stumble across this place

your father’s words all piled up.

My gift to you, words of a lifetime

that should keep you busy

there is an external hard rive

marked “poetry” those 3,000 poems

are everything.

I want you know

there is just one other love

that is as equally profound,

that of your brother.

We know we’re sensitive

we still choke and tear up

whenever we say goodbye.

This world needs gentle Kings

(Read: The Queen’s Command)

maybe it’s something deeper inside

this inability to say goodbye

to the both of you

I can’t imagine my life

without the both of you.

My greatest accomplishments,

are alive in each of you.

You’ll get there with the support

of my full blown attention

the motivation to conquer the challenge.

Always remember, give more

than what you can take.

Leave the last piece for a friend,

quietly love and be loved in return.

The joy in having two wonderful sons

means each day is a little fuller,

when these words come

they might not be some huge surprise

I’m pretty vocal in telling you guys

just how much

you’re loved.


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