The Trust Within

It takes discipline

to hold your place,

your ground

against resistance.

From all others

there you are

finally emerged

holding this amazing pose

a breath longer.

Even your own gifts

have out performed

what we thought

would never be broken.

On knees to palms,

you’ve neither

fallen or landed

you’re simply there

perfectly balanced

and as I sit here

watching every move

and I am in awe.

Truth within

I am your witness

here to tell others

there is perfection

in your straight posture

oh the hours spent

building your confidence

has not come easy,

you’ve changed

with a definite price.

Having all debts paid

we marvel

at what you’ve become

these are your minutes

your own set of hours

it’s now up to you

to choose how to spend

all this God given talent

your new attention.

Be smart,

and keep this gift

all to yourself.

Don’t let a thief

come steal you

away from us.

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