Honey Bee

Underweight, my words

seem a little anemic

when compared to the bloated world

that surrounds me here.

I feel the temperature in my throat

it’s almost time to take you

to that sacred place.

Retreat with me

I’ll keep your head afloat

slightly above the rim.

I won’t let you drown

under the weight of expectation.

I’ll simply ask for your arm

a stable place to hold onto

while we carry on whispering

our favorite words in songs, lyrics.

Together we’ll explore

the glorious drug of love

this time though it will be outside

in nature for everyone to see.

Those heavy drawn-out kisses

are perfectly obnoxious

others will turn away

I’ll rake against your skin

leaving possession marks.

After a while,

people will forget,

and begin to ignore us, besides

the music would be too loud.

It’s probably the sunshine here,

this euphoria from the bluest sky

the seasons have promised to come,

and they’ve arrived alongside you

with a burst of beauty.

The transition from the cold and dreary

to the warm luscious growth

filled with the scent of mating.

Everything has one real goal

here with exact timing.

Let’s go outside and join them

the insertion of pollen on body parts

weighing our travel down.

Getting inside and between the petals

the love-sick drive of the flower

a single stigma draws us closely in,

heavy with desire, this dance

the anther explodes and deposits

the brilliant yellow pollen.

We take that experience

and carry it to the next, and so on.

We can go from flowerbed to flowerbed

help to pollinate the exploding acre

until the next seasonal change.

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