Right to Left

Someone loved you

without ever truly believing

they gave their word,

they’d love in return.

You’re making a new record,

tonight you fell asleep in his arms

and the look on your face

I couldn’t really see,

so I stayed.

Maybe come tomorrow

we could unpack and start all over?

I’m the one who cherishes time,

and in all honesty, I swear

I just want your hand in mine.

The fit of your body

it’s 4am and even I know

a certain change will come

and then we’ll be blended perfectly.

Until then though,

I’d be perfectly happy knowing

you’d be thrilled to be in my pocket,

obviously I’ve always made room for you.

I’ll give in and surrender to your words.

Promise me you’ll move closer love,

the world is too dangerous

to think I could go out there on my own

and think I’d find another us.

Whispering to the backs of hands,

life balances even as I lean

from right to left.

The distance between us

can be conquered with one square look.

Wrists very lightly tied,

you insist I find a choker necklace

for that constant pressure,

every time you swallow

you’ll feel the clasp dig in.

Pressed firmly against the skin

I want you that close to me,

so I can feel what is missing.

I just want to love you

sitting outside sipping on a bottle,

the both of us getting a little drunk,

we’ll turn over and kiss even harder

until we’ve lost track of the hour.

If you have a moment

naturally, that’s how much

you move me from one place

to somewhere completely different.

What I want the most though

is something you already know

without the use of all these words.

I tend to get in the way

impatiently waiting, but

waiting none the less,

just hurry love

I want the next

dance with you.

We could spin

under a full belly of stars

out in a freshly cut field

staining hungry hands

I want to feel you

hips sway slowly

it’s so pretty


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