Morning Routine

Clear sky and yearning

the morning lifts with stillness,

she quietly sits sipping tea

a cup that is still near boiling.

I’ve never understood

why she likes the tea extra hot.

Sitting at a big picture window

hugging knees while barely sipping

the view compliments her mood.

The toaster clicks

an egg is taken from water

cracked and put in a bowl

her regimented breakfast.

Her morning routines

are exactly the same everyday.

To her room,

she’s half dressed

and undressed at the same time.

There are fresh tattoos

a tone set of muscles

she turns the shower on.

She goes around

to collect her little bundle.

Walking past me completely naked,

her silhouette of amazing curves

the shower door clicks

her room fills with steam.

Her shower takes several minutes.

The one towel twisted

around the top of her head

she walks into her closet

her favorite boy-cut panties

and push up bra.

She’s slowly coming together,

slipping back into the bathroom

sitting at her favorite mirror

magnifying her favorite feature

her classic face.

She carefully applies her makeup.

The hard and soft tones

are blended and brushed

to create a soft glittery look.

Highlighted hair lightly dried,

it is fastened and clipped.

Here’s the best part,

that moment when she’s ready and set

in her stiletto heels

she has absolute perfect balance,

she steps into her skirt and blouse.

Her look almost perfected

she gathers all the accessories

she walks across the house

putting each individual piece on

her quick steps echo on wooden floors.

The last and final step

the temperamental spray of

hairspray and perfume.

All set and gathered

the smell of minty toothpaste

she stands and waits for a kiss.

It’s this way each and every morning.

In her car, letting it warm up

she applies a shiny gloss of red lipstick.

She winks and waves,

blowing a kiss

keeping an eye

in her rearview mirror

as she drives away

on the way to a business

she owns.

4 responses to “Morning Routine”

  1. You’re so welcome! Your poem is one of the prettiest poems I have ever read! Such devotion in your words. Cracking of the egg, I will always remember this adorable poem when I crack an egg, just like this morning.😀. Be in love always!!

    Liked by 1 person

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