Handsome Warrior

My advice, whenever you play with words,

understand there is a weight thrown.

And maybe your vision is such

that the message is a little anemic

for one to survive on.

Those big and lofty words of yours,

most typically get lost because

the story that you want us to feel

is truly impossible for us to absorb.

Unless of course, you’re all mythical

in that character realm where

translucent waves peek in and

metaphorically touch us all.

In my case, and with all these words

I promised a friend with a diagnosis

that she’d have dragonfly Poetry

to help her lose,

track of time. Just in case

I created this fictional girl of love

one that is blended from

all the experiences in my life.

The trick in this

little craft of ours

is to stay true to our words.

Simply look up at the sky

and tell us how

it moves the love you hold inside.

Beautiful you, the diagnosed one

we spoke last night

and just because

you’re tired and have no real appetite,

it doesn’t mean,

you’re allowed to skip a meal.

I promised you

all My words,

as long as you

promised me

you would fight.

Skylar Grey “Shame on You”

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