Locals Only

Under the California sun

in your stereotypical tiny beach town

the sun is seriously baking shoulders.

I was struck by the loss and loathing

of a girl that is to blind to see

that her true love has moved on without her.

She’s not lonely,

nor would we consider her all that lost.

She’s the type of girl that loves profoundly,

throwing her whole self onto the fire.

When the temperature is hot and burning,

she’s alive with this amazing desire.

You did not see, how important it was

to be honest when you said you loved her

because now she’s tattooed

with your words, forever inked.

Remember when you promised

how much she meant and then lied,

she’s not capable of moving forward.

She’s stuck in a world,

that all she does is write.

I want to scream at the girl

and push her into the cave

until she can break from her chains.

I’m referring to Plato’s Allegory of the Cave.

Spring forward to today and sit with me

underneath this California sunshine.

The surf is just feet away, it’s free,

take as much as you want.

I know that none of this matters

especially now that you’ve posted again.

The love drawn battle isn’t between

the love you lost, but rather

the love you refuse to see between us,

the love that has

always mattered most

as I read every word

in every post.

2 responses to “Locals Only”

  1. You should create an anonymous account and share those words. Using my titles has been your trademark. I love that, your poem is amazing. Have you peeled into the world of Fetlife? You might like.


  2. Time and the world
    revolves around
    each other.
    she evolves
    within herself,
    He is present there.
    each breath,
    shared with Him,
    each heart beat,
    His to hear,
    each thought,
    whispered for Him,
    each word,
    written for Him.
    she no longer
    lingers in the darkness,
    opened by His light.

    Sorry, words just spill out.

    Your titles inspire me, I’ve written 3 poems just using those. Hope you don’t mind. smiles by the way I don’t share them anywhere.


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