Portrait Display

With a tray of colored inks

tonight she’ll be customized

kneeling to a heavy brush

the torture plays in her mind.

The deepest red and orange to shoulders,

cupped and swirling down her body

highlighting her accentuated curves.

The girl knows she’s pretty,

even with all the obvious flaws.

The cold ink crawls down her spine,

she stiffens and holds her place exactly.

The art that beauty makes,

she turns in her visual space

held in a clever night of painting.

The sharing goes back and forth

between the eye of the painter

and the naked canvassed body.

Edible are the colors

that now stain our mouths,

we’re equally as hungry to bite.

With her painting done head to toe

she’s carefully brought to the best part.

To the cleansing tub,

mesmerized as the water trickles down

the colors mix and bleed together

swirling down and around her feet.

Beauty, and her drawn perfection

slowly begin to fade, she’s returning

with the colors put away

standing here in front of the artist.

The towel wrapped girl cannot wait

to be painted again

and then surrender.

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