Acoustic Voice

There is this type of control

I feel coming on strongly

not from my hands,

but in waves of thought.

I expect things of myself

and that carries through

to everyone in my space.

Acoustic sounds

are what I feel

when I hear your voice,

your laugh and shy look.

The sound you make

is pure and pretty

and that’s why I try to listen

to you more than I speak.

Each time you find time

to love me

the freedom and energy

comes in waves.

I saw you walking today,

your hair looked shorter

and I couldn’t help myself

to replay the video you sent

laughing at yourself.

It’s true,

you only call on me

when you need someone to love.

I’m the first to be thought of

and it’s not like I’m complaining

about being thought of

especially when you need to love.

Yesterday, I promised,

that was two days ago

and already

time is slipping again

from all the loud chaotic sounds.

You’re miles away from me

sending photographs

convincing me to stay.

In the quiet

solitude of my heart

I can hear no one but you

in that acoustic voice.

Do you plan on

loving me like this

your entire life?

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