Sun Love

Simple truths

outweigh failure’s successes.

Each day that love

grows inside,

a part of you

keeps getting

more and more confident

that nothing bad

will ever happen.

Just when you

let your defenses down

and before you knew it

you’re the story

that everyone is talking about.

You never truly saw

this day coming.

Forget love,

and all its feelings

sit outside under the sun

work on that tan instead.

A tan that helps

you look all healthy

until you wake up

looking unlike

all your youthful friends.

The sun is love,

it feels so warm and energetic

a vitamin D source

coming from somewhere

we don’t fully understand.

Until one day

we’re told we’re dying,

the sun’s rays to blame.

A toxic source indeed

the worst kind of radiation.

Today you won’t care

because loving is

something we don’t think about.

Later on in life though,

when it falls apart

all diagnosed

it’s time to start

wearing a little sunscreen

avoiding the sun

avoiding love.

The temptation

is always there

feeling that good again

love-torn addiction

lying under the sun

happy to be in love

until it leaves its mark

making our skin glow

and looking

all healthy beautiful.

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