You the Reader

You are onto something

having found the poems,

day after day simply releasing words.

Lyrics to songs, that some may never get.

Thankful, for you the reader,

you always find the time

at all hours of the day or night

to come and spend your time.

You read every word, and it’s like

being a part of your daily routine.

Every time something is published here

people virtually gather and judge

the weight of the offered words.

There are regular usernames

that are regularly recognized

each time something is said to the group.

Waiting an entire life

to share important words

fulfilling a promise made

to simply share.

There are a thousand different ways

to turn time’s attention back onto itself.

Heavy are the words

in one-sided conversations,

it’s neither good nor bad

to come here and read.

Thankful for the promise to write.

“We’re going to have poetry in our lives.”

Leave something behind,

breadcrumbs of self reflection

helping find the way.

There are all kinds of people

reading the words here,

that are shoved loosely in a bag.

It doesn’t matter if,

the stories come like clockwork,

just as long as we write

giving the readers

a reason for coming back.

If everything aligns

we create a routine,

we’re all a part of the wheel,

if that makes any sense?

Some paint with pictures

you created that golden leaf,

or scribbled figures

keep sharing with us.

If we search long enough

parts and pieces of our world

will come together and align.

Up and down the structured memories

we give up our stories

so we can keep busy

reading about each other.

Thank you.

Promise, to keep writing,

giving back just as much time,

as we spend reading each other’s poems.

We’re thankful for you

the reader.

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