So She Could

Being ready is a skill

so that when you’re wanting

to swing wildly on the edge

shadows twist depending on the mood,

her curvaceous mood,

where hips do their dance.

Ask if you want,

just don’t assume

love will always be there

wanting on hand and foot

for all the time and attention

to be exclusively yours.

Remember that some,

can only love when it’s convenient.

The worst way of looking at things,

this convenient conversation

where you’re looking at the gift

square in the mouth.

You have your admirers

to fill the gaps, anyway,

so what difference does it make

if someone doesn’t want to be

all sensitive and loving

like it’s some full time job

to lose?

Appreciate the minutes,

time quickly adds up quickly

it doesn’t take some mathematician

to understand there is more than one way

to solve this equation.

Pick yourself up

drop and shatter

that mirror you depend on so.

Appreciate the loyal words

written no matter what disguise

you’re hiding underneath.

Let truth

be your full time companion,

celebrate the time you get

so the attention you give

isn’t so sharp and divisive.

One response to “So She Could”

  1. One can shatter a mirror,
    each reflection holds
    its own piece of truth,
    for the One holding it.
    One can be a dancer,
    tango if You will.
    Time may be abstract.
    thus it never quite adds up.
    Words are a Gift cherished
    not easily forgotten.
    A leap of Faith is about

    Thank You for Your time and patience.

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