Through an obvious door

the knocker has never been used,

imagine all the secrets it hides

it’s too much

not to give it a try.

It’s nightfall and desperate

the touch of a warm hand

on the cold brass

grateful for that safe feeling

the sound echoes.

Inside the cramped interior

the untouched bed and pillows

begs for time and attention.

Shoulders press against the curtains

the floor makes a sound

someone is advancing.

The tough side of your personality

shines brightly in this light,

that bad side that plays

spending time picking the outfit

that perfect compliment to skin.

In the room

on top

the walls spin

hips push and sway.

Secrets to words

negotiated and worked out,

just in time for the flush to cheeks.

Agreed to a heavy set and of commands

the fever starts at the ankles

with one twist of the clasp

it’s time to search

the four corners.

Throughout the whole night

there’s no real reason for instructions.

Play off the feeling you get

natural gut instincts

fit in this room

barely enough for two.

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