The Fruit in Trees

The low lying fruit in trees

has never been easier to reach.

It’s ridiculous to think

something so easily gathered

was expected to be left alone,

please avoid the low lying fruit.

Broken sadness,

started with tiny lies

together, they blurred the lines

today it’s much too much

to avoid the low lying fruit.

That same fruit

is sold in stores today

it’s what we feed our children.

This original sin

brought to consensual lips

aches for just one more taste,

just once please.

Who’s to say,

who’s to blame

for this unforgettable request.

Forbidding the consumption

of an over abundance of fruit,

low lying or otherwise

was the worlds biggest set up.

Why not invite the strangers

to come and feast from the tree,

everyone could plant a million acres

everyone could sin together.

Down on broken knees to palms

across a field with low lying fruit

most would crawl if it meant

everyone shared the blame

allowing poor Eve

to move on with her life

and be her best self.

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