Farmer’s Market-Thursday

The valley has been quiet

weeks of calm subtle weather

the farms have been busy growing.

Come Thursdays though

under a harvest moon

the wares are picked and brought

to our heavy Farmer’s Market

it’s our weekly tradition now

rain or shine everything is up for sale.

Unless of course, you can’t afford

the price of this free admission event.

Famous sports cars with their drivers

flood this half of the city-valley,

it’s hard to see through all the exhaust,

the cars still look pretty though

headlights blind the path and trail.

The homeless with their signs, choke

on the million dollar exhaust.

The town closes 8 city blocks

so the downtown can feel like home

to host their farmer’s market.

These farmers bring their goods for us

to feel all exclusive and privileged.

The young with their eager hands

reach for every free sample there is

and the farmer with her mud stained hands

take our pristine bills by the handful.

This give and take exchange

it’s easy to see why Thursdays

are an easy way to fall into line

and buy all their fresh fruit

that only yesterday

was forbidden to eat.

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