Shadow Marker

First light is coming up

in about an hour from now

the jealous sun will shine and win.

The defeated moon can go and rest

gather the strength to try again

come tonight when the sky is full

trying to mark up all the promises.

I swear when I swore a week ago

our excited faces were enough

to drown away the hurt

even now I’d turn and look up,

if it meant you’d hold hands with me.

Soon the world won’t need an excuse

to wake and start their busy tasks,

the brilliant sky will return

holding a bag full of promises to hand out.

It’s hard to turn over and ignore

the light outside your window,

just as 1/2 of the world wakes

the other half retires to a literary world

reading and listening to bedtime books.

Yesterday, there was a blood draw,

with no obvious answers, this morning

the room is spread out

in even quiet solitude.

Prayers were promised

when the sun rises

in an hour or so from now.

Fall back asleep with me,

we can ignore the sun by using

blackout shades to convince ourselves

the morning birds have lost track of time.

Lay in bed against a shadow marker

let the things in your head rest.

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