Chain Linked Love

With the newness still in the air

stopping abruptly now

is absurdly out of the question

especially since we should of seen what we missed.

Sure the security blanket failed

I’m sorry love

for being here

next to your extended arm,

down on broken knees to palms.

If only I knew

how to drag you here

we could help one another,

instead I prefer

to push you away.

You won’t have to move

or look like the fool

while standing here trying to tiptoe

whispering in my ear.

The rain falls

and falls

in these heavy sheets

and forever more

I swear I’ll push you away.

I can’t help but to notice

today might have been the last day,

yet, tomorrow rewinds and restarts

it’s just a story I remind you.

If we keep things quietly to ourselves,

no one has to understand or explain

the terms of this new contract.

Someday we’ll learn to trust

to open up and speak certain thoughts,

it’s alright for now to stay quiet and shy

reciting the perfect words to ourselves

even if it means we’ll sin first.

Turn the page and insert love

wherever it’s needed first,

surely no one would complain

if they were the first or last,

as long as they were a link in the chain

hanging from your neck.

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