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Star Lit Control

I wish she never swore,

because I swear

my mood had a real need

to take a piece of her.

Both the good and bad

sit equally on both my shoulders.

Bent over and spanked,

the naughty girl

and her look begs,

looms heavily over head.

Truly, she needs forever

to make it here, next to me.

I think yesterday

when I felt with the back of my hand

her skin was feverish,

it’s what started all this again.

The pressure in her throat builds,

she drops her eyes,

taking on the perfect loom

accidentally tearing at her sleeve.

Pinning both wrists

high over head

the consequence in living means

I get to take a piece of her

whenever she asks.

Everything is always temporary,

nothing ever sticks

even her pretty side

has this unmistakable side

that’s hard for her

to simply keep it simple.

Of course her star lit control

is often misguided,

she can never blame herself

it’s always someone else.

Quick to find out why

she turns to explain her embers,

but there is something

causing her eyes to tear.

All she ever truly wanted

was to have time and attention

to be exclusively hers.


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