These Connections

It’s been a while since we last met

that intense desire to get you undressed

we try making small talk,

it never works.

Thumbs to waist getting pants off,

jumping in an excited bed

begging to feel alive again.

Cold knees on hips, the saddle,

squeezing with your weight.

The forgotten the playlist,

hands awkwardly support

over the edge you hang

hair softly tickles

the very tips of your breast on my chest

by instinct one hand cups

the words to songs are ready.

You sit on top and stare,

softly at first of course

there was a moment

I could feel the hours in your workouts.

Toned muscles are different from before

with no time to waste

back in your upward position

all four hands explore the surfaces.

Equally pressing downward

the warmth is spread perfectly even

the hardness over satin

parted the opening.

With a feverish return

heavy are the gasps of wanting

time is no longer the stranger

the wait we’ve had to endure,

as the room is quickly devoured.

Tunnel vision with the task at hand

releases that darker side in us

with words we used to whisper

we have come alive here again tonight.

The control is truly complimented

a hard kiss to the neck

the arch of the back

a bite has left its mark.

The feeding hour upon us

a quick frenzy of darting in and out,

she’s rolled over onto all fours

anchored to accept what’s coming

heaving while pushing forward

such an intense display

the full length disappears completely

the pleasure takes all control away.

Both bodies react in different measures,

distance between the sessions fades,

the familiar release is coming

words forcefully explain.

Exact directions keep getting louder,

closer to the ear we fall

whispering is really hard

with permission granted

toes close and then they curl

a wave of explosions

taking out all support columns.

The detonation a huge success

crowds cheer as the dust rises

a heap of rubble lay under

these are our connections

just as the playlist ends.

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