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Can You See?

With rarely used eyes

imperfectly perfect as they are

you’re the crowd favorite

it’s hard not to notice why

the beautiful distracted girl

always remains the same.

Standing here in front of stone

even I try not to notice,

this difficult path ahead

I casually turn and look away

today there is something special.

Beauty comes from different measures

devotion outweigh her looks,

still, she’s busy playing in my mind.

I concede I might be blind

to think I could accept her challenge.

I depend on her words

to help with my direction.

I’ve come to memorize every inch

from silence to the tone in her laugh.

Above everything else

it’s her mental strength

all of this is hard to explain

coming from this extraordinary woman.

I truly listen to her thoughts,

when there’s not much to say.

She has the firm hand of a leader,

I swear she’s an exact dance

she loves above all else

touching and playing with emotions

She will give individually if she must,

however, she prefers everyone all at once.

She’ll console you in her corner

can you see she’s in all of us

this perfect amazing woman.


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