When Love Feels

When devotion is born from two sides

it’s easy to see how and why

a temporary bond can join.

Temporary simply because

time can’t stand still or alone.

Where one wants and shares

the other may give and please,

this balance is easily transferable.

Love has its own currency

some choose to hoard and save,

while others may flood the market

giving and going into debt.

The change we share with each other

comes from sorrows sweet hand of despair.

She swears her love to be true and fair.

Countless are the hours

I’ve waited in this exact place

watching as she plays the mother,

I still want a daughter.

Watching as she convinces another

she’s happily in love.

I’ve watched the length of 21 seasons

come and change the dead.

There are a set of certain demands

she’ll never give into,

or shall I say, her demands must be met

before she will dutifully fall on her sword.

She wants both sides

to be free and equal

no matter the cost to the armies.

Battles will be fought and won

walls torn down and explored,

new adventures and promises,

and all of this is only possible

when love feels.

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