Pay the Price and Bill

Accepting the invitation,

as much as he would not

meant giving his chance away.

At second or third thought

it would have been crazy of him

to turn down such a request.

It would have taken in fact

the strength of ten

very muscled bound men

to stop this strange encounter

from ever happening,

but then again they might not have

slept through the deafening ringing

set from her suspicious phone.

It has always been a challenge

keeping her secrets from falling

into the wrong hands.

One time she proclaimed

with the deadliest of faces

those extra texts just simply

weren’t coming from him

instead with the lamest of excuses

apparently her phone was hacked.

With all these 21st century terms

it’s hard to imagine now

who’s telling the truth

and who could be the liar.

With time and attention I suppose,

always having special meaning

on our side had no real choice.

It was time to start all over again,

so when that invitation

came knocking at the door

it was hard to ignore

the importance it bore.

Try as one may

to dismiss it away

the letter demanded opening

and try as he might

he could not ignore

the pleas coming from

such perfect penmanship writing.

It boils down to some old cliche

you get what you pay for

and since he had deposited

all this time in her

it was inevitable

he now owed her

some attention.

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