Until Our Deaths

With everything all figured out,

it’s been a week now

since speaking strictly in confidence.

Love torn is love divided and

it is all too easy to go all quiet.

When yesterday spoke

and refused the hand

a coveted position was lost

or was it stolen?

The seasons do not ask

if it is their turn to dance,

change is always gradual

never so sudden as to

take one by surprise.

It was a mistake to think

that both sides are equal,

that of a lover and friend.

Quite on the contrary

I am here to defend

love outweighs and conquers

the anemic casual friend.

It is such a waste to say

that the day was never claimed,

left here to rot in absolute ruin.

Words are born to their truisms,

some neglect to consider all outcomes

certain ideas are not spoken by decree.

One must accept the extended love

in whatever way it arrives,

it’s all too easy to be pushed aside.

Once refused and shut out the gate

with a look of,

your kind are there with them.

Kindness is but a blind fool,

ignorance is the price to be paid

never to say we’re just this or that,

instead, promise to love

until our deaths.

One response to “Until Our Deaths”

  1. she silently sat
    at the edge of eternity,
    words were spilled
    enough to fill an ocean.
    some she has hidden
    deep within the
    center spheres
    of the nautilus shell.
    pressing it to her
    ear, waiting for
    His echo to reverberate
    so like the morning


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