A New Dance

The trouble curves

are happen stance

triggered by some chance encounter.

With just one look,

all good judgement

is stripped and torn away.

Today we must redefined as the beginning

so that yesterday will have its purpose.

Everything between the delicate strangers

was going exactly as planned,

a chance encampment with a stranger

was the perfect recipe for walls to fall.

No matter how many hours are expected

it takes just one, to make it across.

Forever and a day perhaps

it should not make a difference

if we’re at the start or in the middle.

All we know is the here and now

where the fresh and new alike

both begin and start.

These kinds of beginnings

aren’t arranged or set to a plan

it makes no difference,

when we are called or drawn.

Everything prior hasn’t quite worked.

Hands reach to tell the story

spreading her uneven surfaces,

she and her early summer dress.

A new season is now upon us,

just as neither has truly asked

it’s hard to imagine why

this one was by herself.

A balanced playful mind,

witty and somewhat complicated

silence does not shake her confidences.

Eyes lock for the first time

and now this, is what is expected.

This newness calmly celebrates,

the march of a thousand beats plays

somewhere off in the distance.

I’m the first to admit

her spell seemed so far fetched,

yet here I am

twisted in her line.

Her new and handsome delivery,

we’re locked in a spacious room

we won’t quit until all the steps

are memorized and learned.

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