In Case You Forget

Believing in something bigger

betting there’s no need to worry

while on knees leaning to elbows

please form a prayer chain.

This righteous plan works,

call it divine or something else

we will perform whatever it takes

to shine with supportive love.

No matter how it looks

there are second chances

to second choices.

Some will will it to be our truth.

Today, good luck calls your name,

you are our champion

you are my brother too.

When you see someone

completely vulnerable,

a strong younger brother

now seems mortal,

the world can shift and support.

Today we’ll start our prayer-chain.

For now though gently hold his cape,

be that insulating layer

when change is hard to imagine,

still, a thousand warm nights

are ahead of you both.

His children, those daughters

carefree and energetic

keep that as your energy guide.

Let these days pass in time-lapse,

erase all doubt

let love surround all thoughts

be that internal energy

where anything can be overcome.

Let them see your hopeful optimism,

even as you’re fighting

on your own path.

I made a promise to friend that I’d post a ton of poetry as she fights this inoperable Stage 4 lung cancer. The cancer has metastasized and gone to the neck and brain. She hinted that having poetry to read helps with time. A while back she was diagnosed with breast cancer (Remission Now) and to pass time with those sleepless nights she wrote these beautiful letters by hand. About once a week I’d receive a bundle of letters, it was amazing.

Having already survived breast cancer a few years back, this newest setback has had fewer and fewer options. We talk almost daily and our standing rules are we laugh, but never cry. Never Cry. It goes both ways, our no cry rule. Listen, we understand a good cry is actually helpful, but it’s now more about honoring our mantra and smiling at stuff rather than hold it inside.

There will be time for crying later, just not today. It actually makes it bearable to talk about scary stuff, very matter of factly, so in that respect, it’s helpful to have our standing no crying rule.

This girl and I are on different time zones(she’s 3 hours behind) as she lives on Hawaii and I’m in California we have our ‘routines’ down so to speak. Last night she calls at an off hour outside her norm and leaves a message crying. Naturally, the radar goes up and I need to call her. This particular time, we cried.

Her younger brother collapsed yesterday and had a seizure. MRI showed a mass on his brain and will be flown to a bigger hospital today for a diagnosis and treatment plan. She’s devastated. Her younger brother was the one helping her to keep motivated and pushing forward. He is married with 4 young children and a guy who puts others first always.

I’m a firm believer in prayer chains. All that read this, can you throw out prayers for this family. For those of you that have never prayed before, just say something kind in your mind for them. Love you.

10 responses to “In Case You Forget”

  1. None needed we are His children. I and we will continue to do so. Have faith, I pray for positive results for you all. Sending ❤️ and hope.

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  2. Absolutely beautiful words as always however today this comment is for Your friend i know she follow here.
    You don’t know me, i don’t know you yet my heart broke just a bit.
    You are loved – hang in there.
    Normally i don’t pray.. Today i did – prayer chain continued

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  3. The moon taught me, it’s okay to go through phases.
    The sun taught me, no matter how many times you go down, keep rising. I have asked our Life’s Blessings and prayer group to pray for your friend, brother and family. May He give them strength at this time. Prayer.Chain.Continued

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  4. The image You selected is a true reflection of Your words. I cannot express my heart fully…I am beyond grateful. “No Cry Rule” in effect.

    To those of you that come across these words, I thank you for your prayers and positive thoughts for his recovery.

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