The Trinity Start Up

With time and attention balanced

all eyes shift in one direction.

From that first time,

until this latest moment

the girl sits seductively polished.

Miles from an unfinished garden,

the thorn bush completely removed,

the coveted yard in heirloom blossoms

sits ready to prove her work.

Waiting to properly answer,

having memorized the trigger words

her beauty is ready to strike.

Accurate and Domineering

she puts her wishes out on display

a room that has been all planned out

the hooked ropes beg to bind

from feathers to the candle’s flame

she dreams of a hand to her backside.

Driving her want into a frenzy,

tonight she’ll be on display

the spell hours coming in waves

the heavy whispers inch to ears

everlasting ache is turned sideways,

and just as hands entwine

she pushes back on both elbows

driving every inch of desire

deep up inside.

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