You Mean Everything To Me

I can see why

it takes a while to get close

to you it’s a slow delicate ride.

If I could get with you,

I’d have a good laugh

at all those who said

you would never love me back.

Like last night when you were

everlasting helping me

catching up to our last time.

It was a surprise

to see that smile return so quickly,

I was hopeful at first,

but now that we’re connected

you mean the world to me.

Both of us have tried

to say it in a way

that makes perfect sense.

I’m still going to love you

fast forward to the end

between this moment and then

you can come stand by me

broken side and all

we could fall all over your blankets

in your bed of pillows

make love and everything.

I can see you

trying to tell me

you’re ready to try something new.

I’m open to show you

this whole other side

you never saw coming.

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