Trigger Guide

There is an open chance at love,

a one in a million opening

where it’s no surprise

just how glued our eyes get.

I find her irresistible

this must mean something

when it’s hard to think.

She wears a forever necklace that says,

i very simply wish…

Perhaps the necklaced gift

was her lucky charm from me,

held close to her nape.

When she comes near

she plays this particular song

I can’t help but put eyes inside her

and just as the hour changes

this want comes alive in us both

so much so, that it hurts

to be too far from her.

The quiet words felt it too,

along a set of prearranged orders,

she whispered the trigger phrase

that fires off an exclusive sensation

that helps in our recovery.

I love her unlike

anyone else,

she holds a reservoir ready to give

there in her open hands.

She sees herself

in my eyes,

and in my hands

I cover the small of her back

giving her the time and attention

she craves.

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