Love’s Pitfalls

She asked and happily answered,

both equally in the same breath,

almost as if,

she wanted a perfect kiss to lips.

Of course I obliged

by offering up my mouth,

close enough to simply do as she wished.

The girl spun around in return

and what started out slowly at first

quickly enveloped into something else.

Hands were full of ideas

and there we were,

for the first real time

out in the public eye.

With her eyes under mine

expecting more than this kiss

she pushed our cordial innocence

up over the edge.

From this moment forward,

understand that nothing comes easy.

She inched even closer still,

I could feel her breathing

beginning to intensify.

Her voice was mixed with secret intentions

she played with something

a little more private

squarely in front of others

I have to admit,

this balancing act was exciting.

Afterwards, I stood their staring

was this wisest choice after all?

It was too late to question or answer

both of us had already fallen

we could only lay there

wounded on the field

love and all of its pitfalls

had clearly won.

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