Want Not Waste Not

At a time in our lives

when we clearly know everything

what a brilliant waste of time we are

and I say “we” because,

there are many parts to the whole

of who we truly are.

If I am the writer

and you’re the reader

we have a symbiotic relationship

where both sides are harmonized.

So I choose to see the world

through my colored glasses

I wish to include you

alongside this allegory with me.

After all, what would your mornings be

if there wasn’t a challenge

which is one reason why

I want you to try

to want not waste not

for 24 hours with me.

Perhaps this may include

skipping some favorite part

or even better yet,

try to leave your phone at home

I dare you to un-connect.

There is surely something we could do

to want not waste not for a day.

Just think how easily time gets used up

when we’re careless with our attention.

Sometimes the devotion we develop

doesn’t have a real chance to flourish,

because we can never see eye to eye.

There are those others

we get along with without any triggers,

those solid people who are our friends

they tend to stick with us

throughout the entirety of our lives.

Then there are the love drawn illusions

who seem to take from us

let’s try for one day

to want not waste not

just to see

how it makes us feel.

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