The Kissing Game

The strong output returns

in here all alone with her,

a torturous downpour continues

this is why we lay here and wait.

Hands slip inside of hands

the rain dances and insists

we go along with the weight

so we start this kissing game.

Super light whispers at first

placed on the edge of my chin,

she brings her delicate side

and we fill her empty room

with these heavy sounds.

Just as the hour threatened me

it was my turn to play the game on her.

With the curve of words

I outlined syllables on her earlobe

very harshly biting down.

The sun got bored and left us there

we never saw the room grow dark,

still, we were very hungry.

Her stomach grew louder

from inside her bedroom

fogged up windows blurred the view

lost in the precious hours,

she needed to eat,

properly propped up on elbows.

Feeding her against the backdrop

of playing a kissing game

with a set of expensive chopsticks

of all things, she loves

being this close.

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