Digital Head

Emotions fell by the wayside

there wasn’t much to discuss,

flashbulbs seemed to do all the talking.

Summer meant being wasteful

sunbathing with late afternoon drinks

reading about some heinous murder.

People were warned to stay away from her

time passed without too much interference,

that was until, she fell in love.

The dreadful circumstances of feeling,

she hated giving, but worse than that

her narcissism was now given a voice.

She couldn’t control her outbursts anymore

her drinking had increased ten-fold

and the more she tried to put hate on him,

the deeper she found herself in her head.

Sure, there were happy couples around her

clearly she was smart enough to copy them

she couldn’t quite duplicate their look.

The harder she tried avoiding him

other pieces were magnified in her life,

glaring, missing pieces that one can’t forget.

Still, as long as she had her phone

she could trick herself into thinking

that her anonymously secret feelings

would get to him unnoticed.

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