Forever and Always

Last night your perfume transferred

you were left on my sheets

when they smell like this

I can’t help but write.

Listen, you’re the girl

riding on the saddle

thumbs hooked and guiding

loosely around your waist

making sure your ride is steady and safe.

Together we go up and over

all the hills and valleys.

This ride of ours

is going to go both ways

through the rough dark places

to the bright gentle walk

softly meandering through water.

Hips famously sway

like you’re a natural cowgirl.

The push and pull of last night

has left certain marks,

this dance of ours

can’t be taught because

this connection is different

starting and ending with

a mixture of rough and delicate.

We inch up super close

it feels good to lay with you

counting out all our fucked up feelings.

There’s a whole bunch of love

we’re constantly jumping over,

when you wear those tiny outfits

wasted and wanting more of you.

Maybe you’re my first time girl

and I’m supposed to behave

to act a certain way,

the only problem with that is

I’m hardwired to want more of you.

We’re awful at keeping secrets

I can promise you this though,

forever and always

is always for you

I want you back

on the saddle


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