The Reply

There was never enough time inside

for my fractured side to properly heal.

Forever left aching for the closeout girl,

a consistent type that just wants

without ever giving away her position.

From the top or bottom

there are handsome treasures

that are exclusively hers.

She’s the one who can privately navigate

the lukewarm waters

that line both sides of her wrists.

Temporarily pushed aside

inside, I try not to let it bother me.

Tonight, I want to see those lights glowing

highlighting the brilliant silhouette

of my one and only.

This girl has never been afforded

an easy pathway to be at my side,

she’s always working at it

and now that both of us are listening

she can fix my fractured side.

On the edge of quietly wanting,

all it ever takes

is the undivided attention

placed squarely on her want.

Folded hands have prayed for her,

and right on cue

she calls this morning.

I don’t know why

but I just let the phone ring 4 times.

There on the table next to me

sits her missed call.

I let the phone ring on purpose because

I might still be in love.

As I stared at her profile

my attention exclusively hers

she knows how to close my quiet

capture my broken side,

come tomorrow I’ll stop

and not pray on words

that might call on her to reply.

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