Time and Attention

Still, she never truly asked

if time and attention was hers

to gift and share as she pleases.

Still, she’s the one with the contract

our working document

spelling out the terms

how and when we’ll interact.

She insists this all just an act

playing the perfect princess

who’s a little too noble to share

and she swears she needs the discipline.

Heads turn and watch, they stare really,

and I love watching her play her part.

“i give my permission to just one, Sir”

and I smile at her because,

this lifestyle in the wrong hands

can have disastrous affects.

Still, the girl must please as she wants

she’s something of a throw back,

she insists, the world is full of this

these ancient traditions and contracts.

Trust, she says to this arrangement,

that if it wasn’t pleasurable for her

she wouldn’t be doing it.

It, I say to her

can’t be quantified alone

to say you choose is wrong

what happens when you loose control?

There we were,

her own words hung heavily

she turned with a brilliant smile

“we’ll just have to see,

now won’t we?”

The girl and her thorn

digging into her palm deeply

she has so much more to give

it’s 4am and it’s time to awake her.

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