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A Blind Story

Lightly sun-kissed freckles

her skin gets even softer

here in these summer hours.

With two very distinct tan lines

cutting diagonally across her bottom,

she knows the contrast is desired

she loves watching His eyes light up

a trigger for her beloved.

A thumb tips her chin,

she softly smiles.

The girl wants to firmly feel his hand

warm natural wetness

she wiggles while pushing back

her secretly sworn addiction,

the hard palm of His hand.

There aren’t words to explain

why the girl gets this way

something about her offering

and how big his eyes stare.

The stinging finally surrenders

she can trace His outlined fingers

highlighted above her bikini tan.

The pleasure of her surrender,

still, she begs her Sir.

Most cannot understand

how divine restriction feels,

when wrists are tied tightly behind

by a skilled braided cord.

It’s easy for her to relax

she welcomes Him in.

Out there under the warm sun

this afternoon her curves were His

to do as He might wish.


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