Goodbye is Gone

The spirited change

I gain when I’m near or next to you,

there is this fucked up detonation

I can’t stop thinking of the girl,

it’s quite dangerous if we touch.

Yesterday, wearing that tiny swimsuit

I watched their envious eyes

clip and undress the rest of you

naked in such a public way.

The better part of me gave in

I covered you up with a hug,

just as the water bit and stung.

This child-like playful side

swimming in the tropical water

a pod of dolphins could be heard

piercing the quiet underneath.

I loved how slippery and warm we felt

in that death grip of yours

we bobbed and floated with the current.

The sun gently touched and kissed

highlighting your already bronzed features

the Goddess emerged perhaps

and you knew they were looking

you laid on top and from behind

you whispered the words.

Knowing the reactions they’d elicit

you were instructed to hold your position

cupped and curled like spoons

the sun started its descent

the jealous moon was begging

to come out and play for the first time.

Today, goodbye is gone

so say the love making treasures,

offered up there on the beach.

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