I am no ones perfect

against a million blinks and sighs

I can’t help but do this look stare

in all honesty, I’m standing here

just wanting to fall on top of you.

If it meant I needed to confess

I’d be the first to admit,

I’d bend on broken knee to palm

and say the fucking words.

I am no ones perfect,

we could plan all our days out

and still have room

for first time things to occur.

On the edge of a first kiss

it’s hard to explain why

things must go excruciatingly slow

with no real reason why, other than,

I need to remember and record

the moment all these bottled up feelings

were shaken and stirred,

released, and freely given to the world.

I’m sorry if my heavy circles,

leave marks behind,

it’s just, I need your warm softness.

I promise to trace the words

on top of your nakedness

from behind

that vulnerable side of yours

is beyond divine.

I promised

and I’ve delivered

just keep in mind

I am no ones perfect.

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