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I felt like loving again

here against a second chance today

something stirred in her too.

She reached out just the same to me,

coming across the finish line

all out of breath and sincere,

for as blind as I might be

even I know what the truth to be.

This time won’t be any different

because time away has a way

of interrupting everyday thought.

The surface tension always sinks in

she’s going to drive me insane again.

I can’t quite cut her from veins,

just when I think I’m all settled and good

she finds her way back in and

that fucked up switch inside me

starts loving her all over again

with my selective amnesia.

She makes it impossible

to properly think of anyone else

with that laser focus of hers

she already knows every weakness.

I have no other real choice

than to properly attach

our symbolic collared sapphire necklace

letting the world know

we’re a couple again.


6 responses to “Sapphire”

  1. Out of the blue
    she will seduce,
    reaching beneath
    his surface.
    Between her hands
    she holds His face,
    deep within His
    eyes there is reflection.
    lips gently touch,

    she lets go….

    to what end?


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