Unapologetic music plays ever so sweetly,

while the weight of yesterday turns

we made out and did other things.

From across the bedroom

two very proper arrows

stuck and found their perfect mark.

Still, we insist on taking turns

trying not to flinch or turn,

the sweat on our bodies is pretty.

The want plays and touches the mood

and just as the desire builds

you introduce a third person.

Standing almost too closely

you bring your mouth to his

watching for a reaction,

with a twisted turn

eyes curse the blessed game.

There on the edge of 1st limit

your lips touch

kissing my already broken shoulder.

With the return of things by my side

I can once again

start counting out loud

by pulling on all the petals

she loves me,

she loves me not.

One response to “By My Side”

  1. Never by her Side
    He stands just behind
    her shoulder, leans in.
    She feels his breath warm,
    lips slightly graze her ear.
    Skin prickles, in anticipation
    touch that may not come.
    Arms streatched,
    palms pressed
    against mirror,
    bare she waits,
    His voice comes,
    Should I, Shouldn’t I?
    She shivers…waits.


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