Love’s Trinkets

With more and more I suppose

we’ve started to collect and gather

our unique and divine love~trinkets.

In our late night hour jaunts

our busy hands are magnetized

touching and hiding in places

we probably don’t belong, but still

I’d rather be in this place

alongside the girl with the heavy eyes.

I never have to worry about change,

each and every night is the same

out alongside my traveling companion.

I love watching the warm wind

play and pull at your hair

exposing the want from eyes.

Love inside love,

that gentle tipping point

pushes and shoves the mood

we have no other real choice,

but to pull over and attend our need.

By the night’s pretty end

we empty our pockets

starting from the front door

leading back to that little table

by your side of the bed.

The floor is dutifully littered

we’re sure to be careful

come each morning

we can’t wait

to start all over

gathering love’s trinkets.

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