The Up Ended Truth

She craved the sensitive words

 wanting that infectious tight grip

taking her to an edge

tiptoeing trying to keep up.

The stinging kisses left their mark

and none of her friends

could ever truly understood.

The truth in leather I suppose,

this particular girl liked being spanked,

it was her delightful pleasure source.

The one and exacting rule

she had to be properly behaved,

the spankings came from playful love.

If this was the shocking thrill of it all

her tiny waves properly flooded the room,

and she’s the cautious type,

to just give this pleasure away.

The “Connectedness” is binds us

and in our way we explore

the tight rope side of love.

Disguise how you feel inside,

she used to say,

sometimes what was meant to be

can end up making you very happy.

With happiness aside,

her perfectly curved bottom

really felt good in the hand.

I can’t deny the rush

that flat palmed smack made.

The tightening grip around my…

A natural excitement in just thinking

and I want to nudge her awake now

let the hours begin to turn.

Listening to words in my ear pods

it doesn’t make a difference

how quiet the room has fallen.

The ache of wanting her

wanting me, I nudge and whisper

she rolls and says,

“Please Sir as You wish.”

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