The Forever Season

With eyes lit up and on alert

the night was awash in a storm

I needed to stand by her.

Circles touch and play

with her half busy look,

just as the seasons are about to change

the girl suspends her love for now.

The flood rush can wait for now

from yesterday until tomorrow turns

we swore we’d never leave.

Tonight we’ll play and pretend

we’re letting the sky and leaves settle

down on broken knees to palms

we take handfuls of each other

and smother that scent on open palms.

This, the heavy night we lay under

waiting on the outside temperatures

to settle and calm down.

From nowhere the question was begged,

she stood there hiding her secret,

stunned with her time away

hands reach and touch the spot

eyes are buried inside each other

we look and stare as if

this will be our forever season

here at last.

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