Her eyes awash in this particular shadow

she narrowed her focused

it was the warmest of warm.

Her fingers centered and cupped perfectly

one could seemingly drink forever

and it went on like this for hours.

To be hand picked or chosen

it felt amazing to be her prized possession

to give without permission, she said.

The very essence of her control

did not matter,

just as long as the drug continued

there was no depth

one wouldn’t go.

With all the right questions

I thought of asking

I was arranged and managed

by the plight of the narcissistic reaction

it appears, there was one such question

I forgot to ask,

could you love more than just yourself?

This contemptible act

I was falling from favor

her hands would no longer

be capable of cupping water.

Thirst if you wish, you pathetic fool

her once open palms

now fists for reactions.

In a lowly half-broken voice

she mouthed her answer.

The mood matched by my demeanor

I could tell the end was near

perhaps by design

or some stroke of magic

the girl softly kissed the moment

and let go.


Left over words


Hindsight and her golden reaction

to be brought forward for her inspection,

and just as I stepped forward

she wanted a little more.

With no patience

her voice demanded,

my attention was exclusively hers.

From time to time

she’d stop and question

expecting the answers to change.

Still, as the night pushed forward

all I ever wanted

was the simplicity of hand holding.

I can’t say when I fell for her,

the wait between the time with her

started to weigh more and more.

Somehow I knew

I’d be her immortal love for sure

Against these words she swore

-You make–•





The forever bond

has been properly sealed

leftover are the feelings

I have for her.

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