Find Your Way

The inspiration was never too far away

from yesterday and forward

I swore I would take each day

pretending it was some cherished gift.

Spend time with me,

so we can illustrate love

behind the backs of everyone

while they pray in church.

Oh my goodness,

you’re prettier than I ever imagined,

the pictures you sent

didn’t show this other side.

Your handsome half-glance

looking back at me

it’s easy to understand why

I fell forward and on top of you.

We can street talk if you want

whisper to the backs of hands

right alongside all the others

they’ll find something else to look at.

The taste of your perfume

a new trigger for sure.

I swear you’re different

when I look inside

the places you’ve mentioned,

oh those darker traveled places

I simply want to hand hold

and nervously play the part.

I know you’re out there wanting

searching just in case

you’re too far away to be heard.

Listen to the excitement in my voice,

understand I’m over the moon

searching for the path you took

to disappear and float the truth.

I can remember still,

the very way your tapping kisses felt

softly covering every inch.

I’m finally free

stronger than I’ve ever felt

my faith is gathering momentum

down on broken knees to palms

love is spilling out

ruining your already swept floor.

I’m praying for night to come soon,

so that tomorrow

you’ll have found your way

right back inside

deep under the covers.

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