Violet’s Bath

With a thousand blinks and sighs

Violet hid quietly from the world.

And up until her words needed life

she was perfectly content in knowing

she loved with everything

never leaving things for chance.

Against the usual misunderstandings

she was more than tangled inside

living with a half-broken heart

Violet was denied the truth.

With a set of heavy lies

her love was excused

no longer cherished by her one.

Violet, had in fact,

had no business expecting

that everything she was ready to give

was somehow going to be returned.

Violet was replaced instead

by something that never truly mattered,

she was left holding handfuls of regret.

Betrayed by a darkened moon-less night

Violet held her knees to her chest

and waited for the bath water

to fill her bathroom with noise

so she could finally cry it out.

For months now,

Violet takes late night baths,

in that tiny bathroom of hers

so she can keep all her pretty secrets

perfectly guarded for now.

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