A Love Poem

Love means you’ll need convincing

keep your feet firmly planted

there in the sensitive garden.

At some point you’ll change

you’ll either give or take instructions

and just when you think you’re settled

you’ll be shown that there in the corner

is your biggest secret

that has yet to be revealed.

Eventually you’ll be convinced

to reveal that precious secret of yours.

Just agree, that someday

you’ll remove that thorn laden bush

the one thing that has kept you

so heavily guarded

keeping you from falling in love.

Be it at the beginning or at the end,

you’ll feel all accomplished

all weighted down in your love.

This side of you we haven’t seen before

mostly beautiful all calm and satisfied

over there in your own solitude

you have fail to notice

that one by one

your senses are becoming useless.

Maybe by instinct you’ll come back

the transitional lover,

all fluent in your new language

with magical charms out on display

showing us everything you’ve learned.

Envious are the eyes

that still crave you.

just in case you doubt change

trust that if you fall in love,

expect to read the mind of others

all while balancing a bowl of pearls.

This life with all the cycles

can quickly add up and fade

before you ask the others

why they have up and gone

make sure your eyes are wide open.

Ask for a guideline or a set of rules

learn why things happen,

and why they must change.

Make sure you’ re properly prepared

to be all loved and cherished.

Deny that piece inside

that insists on mirrors,

can simply look inside and be content,

with this, your forever person

long before you fall in love.

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